• Are you a couple in distress?


  • Is your child dealing with parental divorce?

  • Do you have an adolescent struggling with the challenges of adulthood?

this relationship stress can cause instability and discomfort in any loving household.


When your relationships are struggling and you have more conversations with loved ones in your head than you do in person and the anger is building, you begin to wonder if there is a better life out there than the one you are living right now. I help people experience new ways of getting to know what you want. You will find  a voice to speak from a place of self honesty which acknowledges and verbalizes those must haves in a clear, compassionate voice. You don't have to stay silent. Schedule an appointment to discuss how therapy can be a catalyst for discovering healing.

In sessions you will experience:

How to manage uncomfortable emotions and learn coping skills that will help you improve communication, set healthy boundaries and provide stability and hope through a turbulent time.

Couples you will experience:

  • A safe place to share your concerns
  • Acceptance and compassion
  • A sense of awareness and acceptance within the dynamics of your relationship
  • A greater understanding of each other through improved conflict communication
  • Healing through the ability to listen to, accept and validate one another

Your child will experience:

            Art Therapy -The color of emotions 
  • A safe place to express feelings and concerns through play or art
  • Tools to be able to speak up for themselves
  • Coping skills to manage BIG emotions
  • Feedback to parents on how they can help maintain stability and relationship

Your adolescent will experience:

  • An environment which will encourage growth and self exploration
  • A safe place to talk about difficult emotions and impulses
  • Develop their own tool box to safely manage overwhelming emotions
  • Coping skills to maintain a healthy relationship with parents while learning to be independent
  • Hope for a healthy and fulfilled future
Teen Communication


Confidentiality will be maintained to ensure trust within our relationship unless there are specific reasons in which confidentiality will need to be broken. These reasons will be discussed in the first session. 

We have this hope as an anchor for the soul. Firm and secure.
— Hebrews 6:19


How I work

    "In the moment of crisis, the wise build bridges and the foolish build dams"


"In the moment of crisis, the wise build bridges and the foolish build dams"

In working with couples I apply expertise gained through advanced training in the well respected approach of Gottman Method Couples Therapy.  When working with children I primarily use art or play therapy as a means for exploration and healing. For adolescents in addition to talk therapy I use a variety of approaches tailored to their needs and comfort such as art therapy, poem-making, mindfulness and imagery.

My passion is the use of symbology and metaphor to delve deeper into unconscious processes. 

My personal journey brings great fulfillment in my career as a therapist, following transitioning from a successful career as a Ph.D. Biological Scientist in the Biotechnology industry.

Psychotherapy in Livermore, Pleasanton, Dublin area.

Contact me:

805 387 3569