Are you looking for ways to make your relationship work again because you love each other yet the stress of daily living is tearing you apart? Have you had enough of trying to cope with stress, depression or anxiety on your own? Do you fear for your future because life has fundamentally changed due to an illness, bereavement, grief and loss of a loved one or relationship? Do you refer to yourself or do others refer to you as too sensitive? If you want to feel better about yourself, gain confidence in your choices and transform your life into one of meaning and fulfillment take action in your life and call me to see how therapy can help you begin to get your life back so you can thrive.

I am listed as an HSP knowledgeable therapist and am a somatic experiencing practitioner in training.

Offices in San Luis Obispo and Livermore, California, and also offer virtual online therapy sessions.

CALL  805 387 3569 or 925 695 3115 for  a complimentary 15 minute consultation

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Call me for a complementary 15 minute consultation:

                        925 695 3115 / 805 387 3569