• Do you or others feel you are too sensitive?

  • Are you sILENCED BY shame?

  • Are you seeking forgiveness or to forgive?

  • Are you searching to live an authentic life?

  • Are you seeking spiritual connection? 


  • ARE YOU Anxious?


These feelings can make you anxious about your life and wonder whether you are depressed. Sometimes we have to be broken open in order to create room for growth and clarity.  It is within the space of these open cracks that light shines in, new beginnings form and healing happens.

Photo by IngridHS/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by IngridHS/iStock / Getty Images

Personal transformation happens from the inside out


Do you feel anxious or depressed and want to understand its cause or do you just want to feel better? Are you tired of feeling like a fake at work, with friends or family?  Or being told or feeling you are too sensitive? You may not like the uncomfortable feelings of low self esteem which leave you stuck.   You know there is a higher power out there somewhere but don't know how to connect or have lost your faith.  You may be struggling with a trauma you cannot resolve or perhaps you have always felt that you don't "fit" in and you don't know why? You may come to therapy because the discomfort of this transformation is causing you to seek relief, unaware something spectacular may be beginning to take root inside.

A  butterfly's transformation from a caterpillar requires the formation of a chrysalis from which beauty emerges after complete reorganization. 

I can help nurture your growth and transformation through offering you:

  • Safety in a time of developing vulnerability
  • Acceptance and compassion
  • A place for self reflection, growth and understanding.
  • A safe, non judgmental environment to question and explore your belief and faith 
Vulnerability is the core of shame, fear and our struggle over worthiness. But it appears it is also the birthplace of joy, creativity, of belonging, of love.
— Brene Brown, TED Talk on vulnerability


 I  have a degree in counseling psychology from the  Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, a school which valued the importance of spiritual connection as part of human functioning and existence.  In addition to talk therapy, I use a variety of approaches tailored to your needs and comfort such as art therapy, play therapy, poem-making, mindfulness and imagery.

My personal journey brings great fulfillment in my career as a therapist, following transitioning from a successful career as a Ph.D. Biological Scientist in the Biotechnology industry.

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